NCT Dream’s Renjun Shows Haechan And Jisung How To Reach His High Level Of Confidence

Haechan took his advice immediately.

During an interview segment with Power Of K Lab7, NCT Dream chose Renjun as the member who’s most confident in his appearance. They selected him because he looks at himself in the mirror every single time he passes one.


Renjun does it to make sure he’s looking his best and said that everyone should have that level of confidence. In fact, everyone agreed they’ve looked in the mirror to do the same, except Jisung and Haechan.

Upon hearing their disagreement, Renjun instantly told them that they needed to look in a mirror as soon as possible. Haechan took his advice literally and pretended to look in a mirror and be surprised by his own handsome appearance.

If you want to be as confident as Renjun, who’s always checking himself out in the mirror, you now know how simple it is. Just look at Haechan’s funny acting.