NCT Dream Renjun’s Small Waist Has Everyone Shook

Fans weren’t ready for how tiny his waist actually is.

Although all of the NCT Dream members are slim, Renjun‘s frame is one of the most noticeable for how well his proportions fit him.

Even though fans were aware of his long legs and small waist, they weren’t ready to see a glimpse of just how tiny Renjun’s waist truly is.

In a behind-the-scenes clip of NCT Dream’s photo shoot with Elle Korea, Renjun used his free time to snap a couple of photos of the plants and flowers on site. That’s when fans noticed something unique about his pants.

At the waistline of the pants, in the back, the fabric of them had been folded over and clamped together to hold it tight. The fact that Renjun’s waist was so tiny that the stylists had to tuck away the extra fabric for a snug fit had fans absolutely shook.

It’s even more surprising from the way Renjun looked when he stood upright. The fit of the clothing barely showed his waist at all and still looked like they were a little too loose.

Renjun’s waist is far tinier than everyone thought.

Take a look at the clip that had NCTzens doing a doubletake over how tiny Renjun’s waist truly is.


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