NCT Dream Renjun’s Twist On “My Dog Ate My Homework” Is Peak Comedy

Renjun the comedian is back at it again.

NCT Dream‘s Renjun shared a funny memory from his childhood during an airing of his radio show YueDong Seoul.


When he was in sixth grade, he ran into a problem in class: he hadn’t completed his homework.

Instead of giving the typical excuse of forgetting to bring it, he said something far funnier.

He told his teacher, “I live with my cousin, and she ate it.” Renjun thought his lie would go over well because his cousin had been a toddler at the time and knew they eat whatever they can get their hands on.


Renjun may not intentionally try to be funny but always manages to make NCTzens laugh with his honest advice and fun memories. Would you have come up with the same excuse?