NCT Dream’s Renjun Voices Concern For Health Workers In The Midst Of Coronavirus

Those in hospitals and emergency rooms are at higher risk.

Coronavirus, specifically COVID-19, has become a worldwide issue. In South Korea alone, there are currently more than seven thousand people confirmed to have contracted it. Forty-six people have passed away from the virus.

While many people are worried about contracting it, there are people who are having a harder time: health workers. NCT Dream‘s Renjun expressed his concern for them during the lastest airing of his radio show Yuedong Seoul.

First and foremost, Renjun expressed how important health workers were: “Everyone who’s working at the emergency room or hospital, I’m extremely thankful.” All of the hard work of nurses and doctors are often overlooked in daily life, even more so during a crisis.

Since hospitals and emergency rooms are where people with coronavirus would go for treatment, they’re more likely than anyone to contract the virus.

With that in mind, Renjun was worried about them. He stated, “I hope you’ll take good care of yourselves,” and expressed his thanks once more.

They weren’t the only people he was worried about. Renjun instructed listeners to take care of themselves as well by making sure to wear their masks.

Listen to Renjun speak up about how vital health workers and how they should take care of themselves as well as everyone else.

Source: Reuters