NCT Dream Renjun’s Graceful Ballet Skills Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Prepare to be amazed by the great Renjun.

In a special clip from NCT Dream‘s appearance on We K-Pop, Renjun was asked to show off his ballet skills.


He was hesitant at first because it was something he’d briefly learned and hadn’t practiced recently.

Between Jeno and MC Kim Shin Young encouraging him though, Renjun finally settled on doing a simple turn.

After getting into position, Renjun completed the most graceful turn to a chorus of cheers.

2PM‘s Nichkhun was so impressed that he asked Renjun how long he’d learned. Within two months, he’d learned how to do such an effortless turn. Nichkhun and Kim Shin Young praised him for his skill, which he had a witty response to.

SF9‘s Inseong said Renjun had the perfect body line to showcase ballet. The skills to do it were all Renjun though. Watch his graceful turn here. Maybe he’ll show off more of his ballet skills in the future?