NCT DREAM Reveals Which Member Changed The Most Since Their Debut

They’ve all grown up so much!

The members of NCT DREAM recently talked with MTV ASIA for a fun Q&A! One of the questions asked which member has changed the most since their debut!

At the time of the group’s debut (2016), the members of NCT DREAM were all very young! Since then, the members have grown up before NCTzen’s (NCT’s fans) eyes and have changed a lot.

NCT DREAM (2016) | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Now that the members are a lot older, the group was asked which member they felt has changed the most in their adulthood. While the group’s maknae (youngest) Jisung answered, “Honestly, I think we all changed quite a bit,” Mark named Jisung as the member who changed the most.

Q: Since you all have become adults now, which member do you think has changed the most since your debut?

Yeah we all, I mean actually we’re all pretty much the same, but I guess Jisung changed the most.

— Mark

Following Mark’s words, Jisung showed an adorable expression of shock. Mark continued with his answer and explained that Jisung changed a lot physically. Despite his growth, the members still consider Jisung as the group’s baby.

Because, like physically as well, he’s like the tallest now. And, his voice got a lot deeper, but he’s still like the baby to us.

— Mark

Check out the video below: