NCT DREAM Shares Their Post-Concert Ritual, And It May Not Be So Different From NCTzens

Further proof NCT is always lurking 👀

After a concert, fans experience a range of emotions from excitement to contentment, or often a post-concert sadness after an unforgettable night. Many fans have post-concert rituals, such as eating at the same restaurant near the venue or reliving the moment through photos and videos.

But what about the artists who complete their performances in sold-out venues to thousands of fans? In their recent interview with Rolling StoneNCT DREAM gets real about how they feel when they step off stage, and their post-concert ritual may not be as different from fans as one may think.

(From left:) NCT DREAM’s Mark, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, Renjun, Jisung, and Jeno | Rolling Stone

NCT DREAM is currently on its second world tour, The Dream Show 2: In A Dream. The group toured Asia from September 2022 until March and is now on the North American leg of its tour.

Their first show of the tour in Seoul marked their first in-person concert in three years, and their reunion with NCTzens worldwide has made the tour an extra special experience for the fans and group.

So what happens when the group says an emotional goodbye to fans after their encore? NCT DREAM’s Mark shared that the group heads back to their hotel after the concert. He acknowledges that the excitement of performing doesn’t leave the group when they step off stage, and he often catches himself staying up too late in his hotel while watching YouTube videos after the show.

The show starts at 8pm, we finish around 11.30pm, and we get back to the hotel about 12-ish… But the adrenaline stays in you, so I’ll stay up on my phone looking at YouTube, and you find yourself at three in the morning, like, ‘Oh, I gotta sleep.’

— NCT DREAM’s Mark

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

The members aren’t just on YouTube; you can catch the NCT DREAM members lurking on social media as they review their performance, often through fan videos.

The group admitted that they check fan videos and reactions after each show.

One fan posted a part in ‘Déjà Vu’ where we jump together, and we were very synchronised, very on point, and when I see those kinds of contents, I’m satisfied.

— NCT DREAM’s Haechan

The group was asked if they specifically use the NCT DREAM hashtag when reviewing their performance, and Chenle hilariously denied that while admitting he uses his name.

If you post videos from their concerts, know your video may be the next one the group watches!

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Source: Rolling Stone