This NCT Dream Song Is So Sexy That They Had To Give A Warning

Their faces said half of what they couldn’t.

NCT Dream were guests on the recent episode of We K-Pop, and they listened to snippets of each song from their mini album We Boom as they talked about them.


Before playing “119”, MC Kim Shin Young said it was her favorite song from the album. Both Renjun and Jaemin were surprised, with the latter saying, “Really?”

After listening to it, Renjun instantly had to issue a warning about it: “If you listen to this song in the wrong way, you might have to dial 911.”

Then he ended with, “So, you need to watch out.” He even added the witty, “Why didn’t they write the warning?” that had everyone laughing at his well-timed humor.

When Jaemin, who participated in writing the lyrics to the song, was asked to share the highlight, he hesitated. But, his eyebrows shot up as if he’d known what he wanted to say all along but wouldn’t be appropriate.

NCT 127 has quite a few sexy songs, so it seems even the youngest NCT unit can’t avoid one that could possibly be interpreted as too mature for them. Listen to their warning here.


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