NCT DREAM Tease Haechan For Being The Hardest Member To Get Close To, And Here Is The Hilarious Reason Why

They agree that he’s the cutest, but…

NCT DREAM collectively agree that Haechan is their cutest member. But at the same time, they also unexpectedly agree that he is the hardest to get close to.

While promoting their new comeback Beatbox, a repackage of their album Glitch Mode, the members guested on Park Myung Soo‘s YouTube channel, Halmyungsoo.

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Park Myung Soo commented that many people must find Haechan cute, which his members readily agreed with. Jeno said, “Our fans love it.”

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But when the members were asked who the hardest person to get close to is (seemingly the opposite of the ‘cutest’ one), many of them also agreed that it was Haechan, almost without hesitation.

As NCT‘s variety show king, Haechan had the funniest reaction to hearing it. But when the members were asked for their reasoning, Jisung explained that, when they were trainees, Haechan often acted like he was more senior than them.

Jeno tried to chip in by saying that Haechan used to be bossy…only for everyone to tease him about it.

But Haechan then offered an explanation, relating that the reason he acted like that was that he had been the first to become a trainee at SM Entertainment. In fact, according to Haechan, the company had specifically asked him to teach the other members what to do.

But Jaemin had a comeback for that, pointing out, “You enjoyed it!” Funnily enough, Haechan had to admit that that was true.

Since their trainee days, however, the friendship between the members only keeps getting stronger, which is something that NCTzens will always be proud to see!

If you’d like to watch the full clip you can do so on the link below.