A Technical Mistake Didn’t Stop NCT DREAM From Being Professionals

They handled it so smoothly that many people didn’t even notice.

Almost reaching seven years since their debut, NCT DREAM proved they’re complete professionals when a technical issue didn’t even make them blink.

Renjun | Inkigayo

When the group finished up their “Ridin'” stage, all of them settled into their poses and took a breather before the next song started. At least, that was the original plan.

Before they even had time to move into formation, “Hello Future” played only seconds after the other song ended. What they did next showed the experience of true professionals.

As if it had been timed perfectly, Jaemin didn’t miss a beat when opening the song, sounding completely relaxed and powerful. The members were just as calm, quickly but cooly moving to their spots.

NCT DREAM handled it so well that many people didn’t notice. Although some eagle-eyed viewers noticed that Jisung hadn’t fully laid down, that was only because he didn’t have enough time to.

If that was the smallest detail that some people noticed, Jisung and the other members indeed did a great job of covering the technical mistake.