NCT DREAM Often Watch Their Old Videos, And They Have Unexpected Feelings About Them

“I used to be so cute then, what happened now?” — Chenle

The members of NCT DREAM recently spilled on what they really feel when watching videos of their younger selves, and Chenle and Jeno turned out to have the best takes on them.

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In a recent interview with GQ, the members were asked if they often watch old videos of themselves. After all, as journalist Lucy Ford pointed out, as idols they have an unusually large amount of footage of their childhood and teen years. The members all answered in the affirmative, with Jeno saying, “We watch those videos pretty often.”

Renjun did not seem too excited about it, saying, “It can be a bit cheesy, but we watch them.”

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Chenle, however, couldn’t help cracking a joke, revealing his surprising (and hilarious) personal feelings about his old videos. ” When I watch those videos I think ‘I used to be so cute then, what happened now?'”

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Unlike Chenle, Jeno leans more towards Renjun’s opinion, saying that watching those videos can definitely feel somewhat awkward. Yet, he also has a very practical view of the matter.

…there are moments where we watch those videos back and think ‘oh, that could have been done like this’ or there are some parts that are lacking, but I feel like that energy that we were able to give was only something we were able to do at that age. There’s a lot of improvement compared to back then, and a lot of growth that comes with it, but what we were able to show back then was only what we were able to do at that time. I think it’s it’s still very interesting to see those videos, and very fun to do so too.

— Jeno

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Jeno may be one of the few people in the world who enjoys watching videos of his younger self, but he’s also not wrong! As artists and as people, NCT DREAM have consistently shown growth with every new album, and it’s great to see that the members constantly look back to their younger selves and respect their own improvement.

Their newest comeback, Beatbox, is already proving to be a mega hit, and they’re still only just getting started!

Seeing everything they’ve achieved already, it will be exciting to see what the future holds for NCT DREAM.

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