NCT DREAM Went So Hard At The World Scouts Jamboree That All The Kids Started Moshing

NCT DREAM, also known as “Kings of Mosh Pits”.

NCT DREAM performed at the 2019 World Scouts Jamboree where they performed a few of their hit songs including “Fireflies”, the song they released in collaboration with the World Scouts Foundation as the foundation’s first global ambassadors.

In at least two of the group’s songs, the crowd was so into it that they formed mosh pits!

Imagining mosh pits happening in an NCT DREAM crowd seems farfetched even to NCTzens, but it definitely happened and it was iconic.

It wouldn’t be the internet if it wasn’t instantly turned into a meme.

NCT DREAM are now not only official ambassadors of the World Scouts Foundation, but also Kings of Mosh Pits.