NCT Dream’s “BOOM” Hits Big And Ranks At #1 In 21 Countries

The album ranked #1.

NCT Dream has shown tremendous growth and exploding appeal through their latest comeback “BOOM”, and fans all around the world love the album! Taking on a more mature route, the boys of NCT Dream continue to wow NCTzens.

The album, “We Boom”,  is so successful, it ranked #1 on the iTunes Chart of 21 countries. These countries are: Sweden, Finland, Greece, Russia, Brazil, Argetina, Mexico, Chile, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirated, Estonia, Panama, Peru, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Mongolia, Philippines, Brunei, Qatar, and Belarus.

The album contains six songs with numerous genres. A crowd favorite is the title song “BOOM”, with fans saying it shows off the different colors of the group.

Check out the music video here!

Source: Naver