NCT Dream’s Chenle Almost Started An Age-Inappropriate Discussion On Television With This Accidental Statement

Thankfully Chenle’s aunt was there to save the day

NCT Dream’s Chenle was once asked by the cast of KBS’s “One Night Sleepover Trip” if his family could accommodate them while they stayed in Shanghai.

As each episode centres on the cast spontaneously finding a place to stay in overnight, Chenle and his family graciously let the cast members stay over in their Shanghai apartment.

Chenle’s mother showed the cast many family photos, to which they were surprised to see that Chenle had a brother who was much older than he was.

When Chenle was a very young boy, his older brother was already in his late teens.

When asked how old his brother was, Chenle stated that they were 13 years apart.

Kim Jong-min told Chenle’s mother that she had him much later in life.

Chenle revealed why his parents decided to have him many years after his brother was born.

In China, you can only have one child. But when my father started growing old, he really wanted another child.

What Chenle started to say next, turned a family-friendly discussion into something a bit more suggestive.

He really wanted another child, so he asked Mom to…

Chenle realised what he had just said but then made the moment a bit more hilarious with a strong hand gesture.

This caused his mother to burst out laughing, even though she did not speak Korean.

Lee Sang-min tried to break the tension by encouraging Chenle’s mother, cheering her on by saying “Mother, Fighting!”

Another castmember ended the conversation by finishing off Chenle’s sentence.

And then Chenle happened

Thankfully, at that moment, Chenle’s aunt ended the discussion for good, by bringing out some tea for the castmembers to drink.

And with that, the conversation topic was successfully changed.

It was also revealed that Chenle’s aunts helped his mother with raising him, which was why they regarded him with such affection, as if he was their own son.

It’s great to see Chenle be surrounded by such a loving family.

And they also managed to help save the day for Chenle on Korean television!

Chenle’s mom originally was against having another child because of the one-child policy. But I told her that if she had another child, I’d help her and I persuaded her. I’m so glad that she decided to have Chenle.

And the whole world is grateful to have Chenle’s talent, charisma, and of course, his hilarity!