NCT Dream’s Chenle Calls Out Mark’s Bad Cooking To Show Him How It’s Really Done

Chef Chenle has arrived and isn’t taking any prisoners.

NCT Dream‘s Chenle and Jisung were in the kitchen cooking up some ramen. When it came to preparing one part though, they were reminded of their friend Mark.

Chenle was frying an egg and was so proud of himself that he cheerily said, “Oh my god.” Jisung even commented on how Chenle’s eggs looked totally different from Mark’s in the best way.

So, Chenle flipped the egg in the pan to show off more of his skills. And, Jisung was even more impressed than before and clapped.

When they were done, Chenle made sure to make a special announcement for their hyung Mark. He wanted everyone, especially Mark, to take a look at his fried egg because that was how it should look versus Mark’s attempt.

Watch Chef Chenle make his beautiful fried egg here and put everyone out of business.