NCT Dream’s Chenle Is All Grown Up And NCTzens Are In Tears

Time flies by.

Recently, photos of NCT Dream‘s Chenle performing “BOOM” have surfaced and NCTzens have realized just how much the idol has grown since his debut.

When NCT Dream first came out with their debut track “Chewing Gum”, Chenle stood at 165cm.

But now he is 178.8cm tall!

He used to be shorter than fellow member Haechan. In fact, he used to be the shortest member in the whole group!

But now Chenle towers of both Haechan and Renjun! Many are saying that Chenle has grown up well, but are shocked with how fast time has passed.

When Chenle first debuted on August of 2016, he was only 15 years old. Now, the idol will be turning 18 on November of this year and people can’t believe he’s so close to be a full adult. Many are looking forward to seeing him continue to grow and his career continues to flourish.

Source: Pann