NCT Dream’s “Havana” Dance Is So Sexy It Should Be Illegal

Even Chenle and Jisung couldn’t handle it.

NCT Dream turned up the heat on their second appearance on We K-Pop, showing their best sexy dance to “Havana”. And, it was so sexy fans couldn’t tear their eyes away.


As soon as the song began to play, Jeno went all out from the start. He played with his over-shirt as he let the body rolls loose.

So, Renjun took it up a notch by lowering himself to the floor and body rolling before becoming embarrassed.

Jaemin wouldn’t be out shined by his group. He threw back his over-shirt and hit some smooth dance moves especially for fans.

And, Jeno shed his title of being boring with his next move that made Chenle and Jisung run for cover. He did the ultimate body roll followed by a cool ending pose.

By the end, everyone couldn’t control their sexy moves, especially Renjun.

NCT Dream’s older members are too much even for the youngest members to handle. See them give it their all here.