NCT Dream’s Jaemin Can’t Understand Jisung’s Annoying Habit, Even When He Explains It

Jaemin’s frustration was reaching its peak.

NCT Dream‘s Jaemin and Jisung went up against each other on Dream Vs Dream to see how well they knew each other.

Jisung answered one of Jaemin’s questions by explaining why he’s always on Jaemin’s bed. Since it’s on the bottom, it’s easier to access than his own bed on the top and it’s more convenient for snacking before sleep.

This riled Jaemin up and made him ask the question he’d always been curious about: why Jisung eats on his bed. He got so passionate about it that he demanded an answer.

He really couldn’t understand Jisung, saying “I don’t get it.” He even tapped the side of his head and said, “Not understand,” in English.

Jisung remained calm and simply explained that it’s bothersome to do it any other way, telling the viewers that they knew exactly what he meant. But, Jaemin said, “I don’t.”

It seems like this is one thing they’ll never agree on. Listen to them bicker about it here.