NCT Dream’s Jaemin Is So Carefree That It’s Goals

This is the level of unbothered everyone hopes to achieve.

All the members of NCT Dream are lively due to their upbeat personalities, but there’s one member that stands out for being the most laid-back.

It’s none other than Jaemin, who the rest of the group calls the calmest member and complains about how slow he is. And, they don’t say it without reason.

When following his members, he’d taken so long that the sliding doors had closed. After patiently waiting for them to open again, he took his time adjusting his shirt. By then, the rest of the group had ran ahead. But, Jaemin took his sweet time making his way to them.

That wasn’t the only time Jaemin went at his own pace. When they exited the car to go to their next schedule, he took his time getting out and walking into the building. He looked even slower when compared to Jeno who hopped out and ran inside after him.

Jaemin isn’t concerned with following what others do, and he’s completely fine with doing things in his own time. A lot of people strive to achieve this mindset, and he’s simply ahead of the game.