Only NCT Dream’s Jaemin Could Get Hurt During Rock, Paper, Scissors

Haechan and Chenle couldn’t help but to laugh.

NCT Dream‘s Renjun went up against his members to keep his title as the king of rock, paper, scissors. And, it got a little out of hand during his round with Jaemin.


When Renjun snatched up the pot to cover his head from Jaemin’s attack, he’d accidentally hit Jaemin’s hand in the process. Jaemin pulled his hand back and shook it to lessen the pain while the rest of his members burst into laughter.

It didn’t end there either. When Jaemin went to reach for the pot on the next turn to protect himself, it was completely useless. He wanted to avoid Renjun’s attack so much that he fell over, knocking the pot and himself to the floor.

It had been so dramatically funny that the group couldn’t hold back their laughter as they crouched and bent over. But, they didn’t forget to make sure that Jaemin had been okay.

Jaemin survived without any injuries, excluding maybe his pride. Watch the funny moment here.