NCT Dream’s Jaemin Knows He’s The Favorite Older Brother, And No One Can Tell Him Otherwise

Jisung learned the hard way.

NCT Dream‘s Jaemin thought he had it all figured out when he faced off against Jisung on Dream Vs Dream.


Especially when he chose the question of who was Jisung’s favorite hyung in Dream. Jaemin burst into laughter after reading it and claimed it would be easy to answer.

But, Jisung told him to read the question carefully, focusing on the word “conscientiously” he’d written. Jaemin disregarded it because he “clearly, obviously, definitely” knew the answer: himself.

Jisung demolished Jaemin’s confidence by saying it was wrong because he liked all the Dream members equally. But, Jaemin didn’t accept that and told him to do whatever he wanted while he sulked.

He was so over the situation that he didn’t want to talk about it, and wanted to quickly move onto the next question by urging Jisung to choose.

Deep down, Jaemin knows he’s Jisung favorite hyung of the group, even if Jisung didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by saying it. In fact, that’s most likely why he added a specific word to the question. Watch them discuss it here.