NCT Dream’s Jaemin Is Ready To Come For Someone’s Spot In NCT U

He has the dance moves to prove it.

During a live broadcast of their show Save NCT Dream, NCT Dream jammed out to one of the songs from another NCT unit like they usually do.

It was NCT U’s “Boss”, and someone was so committed to it they could’ve easily fit into the unit.

As soon as the song started playing, Jaemin hit all of the key dance moves as if it was second nature.

He even put his own little twist on them to make it better suit him. And, that made him even more of a fit for NCT U if he truly wanted to join.

It’s not a fixed unit, so he could have a chance, especially after graduating from NCT Dream in the future.

See Jaemin do his older brothers proud here with his version of “Boss”.