NCT Dream’s Jeno Can Shed Tears For This One Thing Only

Not even their first win could compete with this.

NCT Dream appeared on Idol League, and MC Boom asked all the important questions that fans wanted to know. He mentioned that Jeno was deemed as having neither blood nor tears by fans.


This came from a clip of their first win, where Jeno kept smiling while Renjun cried until he couldn’t cry anymore. And, this made Jeno laugh.

He explained that it wasn’t an occasion where he needed to cry. It was a happy one, so he smiled. He further explained that happy times or sad times doesn’t make him cry.

There’s only one thing that could make him cry: anger. Boom asked if he was the type to cry when he felt wronged or unfairly treated, and Jeno agreed wholeheartedly.

Even sad movies don’t phase “Je No Jam.” Listen to Jeno explain himself here.