NCT Dream’s Jeno In All-Black Will Make Your Heart Race

Whatta man.

These photos of NCT Dream‘s Jeno wearing all-black as he arrives at the airport are making its rounds, and people are falling for the look.

The idol can be seen wearing a black turtleneck with a black overcoat, as well as black pants and black shoes, pulled together with AirPods. Fans are saying that he looks like the perfect man and that he has matured a lot since his debut at age 16.

Fans are saying that just looking at him, even while he wears a long coat, people can tell that his proportions are perfect, with long legs and handsome visuals. Does this mean that Jeno is the epitome of perfection?

The idol is only nineteen years old, and fans are saying that he has already matured into a fine young man, which makes many anticipate his growth and how he turns out to be. As he reaches adulthood, many wonder what NCT unit he’ll end up in after Dream.

Young and rich, tall and handsome, Prince Jeno.

– Korean Netizen

Source: Pann