NCT Dream’s Jeno And Jaemin’s Eyelashes Are So Long They Can’t Avoid This Issue

When they take care of it, it’s the best feeling in the world.

During NCT Dream‘s appearance on Idol League, MC Boom checked their individual talents and unique traits. So, Jeno mentioned that his eyelashes were on the longer side.


Boom walked over to test it out and was amazed. They were so long that he joked if Jeno went to the salon to have them trimmed.

Although it seemed like a positive thing, Jeno confessed that his eyelashes sometimes hide his vision, especially since they’re so straight.

But, curling them changes everything and he can see clearly again. It was such a wonderful feeling that he even said, “The world becomes bright again.”

He wasn’t the only one who felt relieved at hearing this. Jaemin completely agreed about curling his eyelashes, “It feels really good too.”

So, they checked the length of his eyelashes as well. And, they were just as long as Jeno’s to Boom’s amusement.

Watch Jeno and Jaemin share their enthusiasm for curling their eyelashes to see clearly here.