NCT Dream’s Jeno Wearing Leather Pants Will Make You Go Crazy

Caution: too hit!

NCT Dream‘s Jeno is making fans go crazy during the group’s performance for the Gaon Chart Music Awards 2020.

nct dream jeno

NCT Dream performed their hit song “BOOM,” which everyone loved. What surprised fans though was his outfit and how good he looked. The idol was wearing a black inner shirt and a white leather jacket. To match it.

nct dream jeno1

Fans were left shook and breathless at the outfit. Jeno initially debuted with a cute concept at the age of 16, but now that he’s an adult, fans are loving the more mature, grown-up concept he’s rocking.

nct dream jeno2 nct dream jeno3

Many also compliment the idol’s figure. Since leather pants cling to the skin, it’s easy to look bloated wearing it. But Jeno looks both slim and muscular at the same time, showing off how hard he works to train and practice.

nct dream jeno4

People are praising the stylist’s team for their bold choice, loving how many it makes Jeno look. Fans hope that for the upcoming year, he gets to wear more clothes that will enhance his masculinity.

nct dream jeno5

Source: Pann
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