NCT Dream’s Jisung Can Crush His Members With His Huge Hands

“His hands are on a monster level.”

NCT Dream sat down with Allure to answer questions submitted by fans. So, it was the perfect time to find out if Jisung truly has the biggest hands in the group.


After a bit of miscalculation by Jaemin, Jeno‘s hand came out to measure 18 centimeters which was the same as Jaemin’s.

Renjun measured Haechan‘s to be about 18.6 centimeters while his own hand was exactly 18 centimeters.

Chenle‘s hand was 18.5 centimeters, and Jisung’s came in on top at 20 centimeters. Chenle pointed out that the difference seems minor, but it really made all the difference.

He even said, “You have a monster hand, and my hand is big,” when comparing both of their hands together. And, Jaemin confirmed this.

Jaemin explained that they only measured length, so considering other factors such as width and diagonal, Jisung’s hand was truly massive.

With hands like those, Jisung could easily crush his members in that department. See them find out that maknae Jisung’s “monster level” hands were the biggest here.