NCT Dream’s Jisung Tricked The “Idol Room” Hosts So Well They Never Even Noticed

Defconn had no idea it was planned out before they’d even started.

NCT Dream‘s winking skills were put to the test when they appeared on Idol Room, and Jisung showed exactly why they need to appear on more variety shows.


Jung Hyung Don and Defconn gave them the task of winking in time to their song “Chewing Gum”. Since Jisung was one of the weakest when it came to winking, he did his best but received an F sticker.

After taking the sticker and putting it on his head as he walked away, he changed gears. Jisung reached into his pocket, ripped off the F sticker, and then pulled out an A sticker to put on his chest.

Hyung Don instantly noticed the change, asking if they had really given him an A sticker. But, Jisung played along and said that they had. Hilariously enough, they both believed him.

Before filming had even begun, Jisung had seen the stickers and snatched up an A one just in case. And, it had been a wise choice.

Jisung certainly caused many laughs from his quick thinking. Watch the clever maknae fool everyone at 5:43.