NCT Dream’s Renjun And Haechan Try To Break Stereotypes About Who Can Be Strong

They couldn’t play the game until they talked about it.

On Our Night With NCT Dream, NCT Dream‘s Renjun and Haechan spoke up about something they hadn’t been comfortable with: stereotypes about who could be strong.

Since Jeno‘s concept for the day had been a mafia member, he opened up his briefcase to show that it was empty rather than full of money. Renjun said, “I heard you were robbed by a grandmother,” which Haechan claimed was a “lame joke.”

Haechan continued on to say, “Let’s throw that prejudice away.” Renjun hadn’t meant it in that way, defending himself by saying that it wasn’t because grandmothers were weak but because they could be strong. Haechan claimed that was why they had to throw it away while Renjun kept his stance.

Even though they clashed about it, they both were agreeing about the same thing: anyone can be strong regardless of age or gender. Listen to Haechan and Renjun’s discussion about it starting at 30:54.