NCT DREAM’s Renjun Shares His Memorable First Meeting With Mark

It was a strong first impression!

NCT DREAM recently announced that they are making a comeback with their first full studio album Hot Sauce!

The group also released a new video on their YouTube channel where the members sat down with some pizza and had a good catch-up!

Inevitably, when friends sit down and have a chat, the topic of the past will always come up. The group decided to take a trip down memory lane to their trainee days!

The members started by remembering their first impressions of each other. Some of the members joked that Renjun was like “ice” when they first met, a word that Mark thought sounded a lot like “adult.”

After correcting Mark, Renjun remembered the first time the two met. He explained that, when he was going to get food for the first time, Mark was sitting in the cafeteria. After Renjun said hello, Mark quickly asked him how old he was.

So I said, ‘I was born in 2000.’ He replied, ‘You look older than you are.

— NCT DREAM’s Renjun

The members found this story hilarious! Renjun then pointed out that he thought it was because he didn’t know how to speak properly. Mark quickly came up with a reason for why he said that.

I wasn’t too good with Korean. I really thought he’d be older than me.

— NCT DREAM’s Mark

Luckily, they both seem to see it as a funny memory, and they are as close as ever!