NCT Dream’s Renjun Is Super Thoughtful For This Clever Shout Out To A Fan

It fit the situation perfectly.

NCT Dream starred in their very own version of Star Golden Bell called Dream Golden Bell. So, everyone decorated their signature boards however they wanted.


When Haechan went to read Renjun‘s name off his board, he couldn’t see it clearly and asked what it said.

Renjun held his board up and flipped it around for everyone to see: Renjun’s Wife. It made Chenle burst into laughter, but it had another meaning.

Students were doing their own version of Star Golden Bell during a television segment, and one of them happened to be Renjun’s fan. When she held up her board for everyone to see, she’d named herself as Renjun’s wife.

For Renjun to remember that moment when NCT Dream were doing their own version of the segment, it shows how much he really cares for his fans.

See Renjun remember the fan with this special shout out here.