NCT Dream’s Underage Members Had The Best Responses To How Much Alcohol They Could Drink

They’re a witty pair.

In the past, NCT Dream‘s Haechan revealed he could drink two and a half bottles of soju. So, a fan was curious how much alcohol each of the other members could drink.

After Renjun said he didn’t know his limit, Jeno mistakenly called out Jisung because he was next in line and instantly corrected himself.

Because Jisung’s underage, he simply said, “Pass,” to everyone’s amusement. But Renjun answered for him with, “2 bottles of coke.”

Then, they revealed that Jeno drinks well although he hadn’t tested his limits just like Renjun and Jaemin. When they were sharing some of their drinking habits, the perfect response to the original question came to Chenle and he interrupted them to say it.

With a completely straight face, Chenle said, “3 bottles of milk.” And, the answer had fellow underage member Jisung laugh and pretend that it was an amazing feat to accomplish.

Although drinking isn’t something Jisung and Chenle can participate in, they sure know how to make the best out of the situation. Listen to their funny answers here.