NCT Enabled Direct Messaging On Their Twitter and Fans Lost Their Minds

Someone in NCT seems to have briefly enabled DMing on their Twitter account and the Internet’s response was hysterical.

Idol and idol group social media accounts, for obvious reasons, tend to have the direct messaging feature disabled, so when NCT’s official Twitter account enabled direct messaging functionality, fans couldn’t believe their eyes!

As of right now, it is unclear whether it was enabled on purpose, or if it was an accident. Some fans believed it may have been Taeyong who enabled it, as he was the last member to have posted something on the account.

It may have been unclear how or why NCT’s direct message inbox had been temporarily opened to the public, but that didn’t stop fans from filling NCT’s inbox with DMs.

While some fans sent meaningful messages of support, others sent jokes and funny photos of the members to troll them.

In the end, NCT fans all over the world will remember the day that NCT opened up their DM’s to the public.