An NCT Fan Used An Apple As A Lightstick, And Doyoung’s Reaction Was Hilarious

That was definitely a first for Doyoung 😂

When K-Pop fans can’t afford their favorite group’s lightstick, sometimes they have to get a little creative. NCT‘s Doyoung witnessed first-hand just how creative NCTzens could be when one used a fruit.

Doyoung | @do0_nct/Instagram

During one of NCT’s concerts, a fan didn’t have the usual neon green lightstick the group is known for. Instead, they settled for a bright green apple to make up for it. When Doyoung saw them waving it around, his reaction was hilarious.

As soon as Doyoung saw the piece of fruit, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He immediately leaned forward with a hilarious look of confusion, trying to get a clearer view.

Doyoung was so surprised by the apple that he leaned over the railing of the moving platform he was on, never peeling his eyes away from the funny scene as he passed by.

Between the apple and Doyoung’s humorous reaction to it, no one could deny how memorable the funny moment was.