NCT 127 Fans Are Furious At The New Girl Group Cherry Bullet, Here’s Why…

Do you see the similarities?

NCTzens are accusing FNC Entertainment’s new girl group, Cherry Bullet of copying NCT 127‘s Cherry Bomb.

Cherry Bullet is a 10-member girl group from FNC Entertainment set to debut on January 21, with Let Play Cherry Bullet. Since the official announcement of the new group, various teasers have been released that revealed their game theme concept.

Upon seeing Cherry Bullet’s released teasers, NCTzen pointed out the resemblance to NCT 127’s concept for their 3rd Mini Album, Cherry Bomb.

Fans began to compare the details of both idol groups and claimed Cherry Bullet has straight up copied NCT 127. While NCTzens accept the possibilities of some similarities due to the common “Cherry” concept, they couldn’t understand why Cherry Bullet needed to choose video game for their theme.

Here are some of the photos NCTzens shared as proof.

The 8-bit game concept:

Concept Interface:

Robotic Characters:

Photo Concept:

Member Contents:

NCTzens are demanding an explanation from Cherry Bullet and requesting SM Entertainment to take action to protect their artist.

Both SM Entertainment and FNC Entertainment have yet to respond to the claims.

Source: Instiz


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