NCTzens Are Claiming That NCT’s Stylists Are Finally Getting Things Right

One major change is getting all the love from fans.

NCT have gone through a lot of styling looks over the past couple of years and while their stylists may not have come under fire for the looks the boys previously wore, they didn’t exactly get praise for them either. Thanks to a recent change in fashion, however, they’re getting all the love from fans!


In the past, NCTzens thought the group’s outfits seemed really out there and didn’t really form a cohesive image.


And even when they were wearing something similar, it was still just a little too weird for fans.


Some fans even joked around that the stylists were too focused on the “Neo” part of the group’s name!


Although fans weren’t big on the outfits as a whole, they did believe that the wardrobe was eye-catching.


There’s no denying it was!


But as the members grow up, so too must their fashion and NCTzens couldn’t be happier about it. And it’s all thanks to one particular piece of clothing that fans have been going crazy for.


While the funky patterns and interesting fashion choices certainly stood out, there’s nothing that beats the suited look. Fans are so excited to see the boys looking incredibly dapper.


And sexy too!


Fans can’t stop gushing over the guys’ visuals and have been giving nothing but praise to their stylists.

  • “NCT wearing black is my favorite concept. Also, I literally can’t find a single visual flaw in this group!”

  • “Thank you suits!!”

  • “The outfits from ‘Regular’ are especially beautiful.”

  • “I loved the latest styling from Dream and 127. ‘Boss’ era was really good though.”


We can’t blame anyone for falling head over heels for them because they truly do look fantastic!