How NCT’s Haechan Came Up With His Signature Antenna Hairstyle For “Hello Future”


NCT DREAM‘s “Hello Future” promotions have come to an end, and with it fans are potentially saying goodbye to Haechan‘s iconic antenna hair style.

Haechan posted this photo of his antenna hairstyle. | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Haechan first appeared with two little horns in his hair during a performance of “Dive Into You.”

The idol later said that he got the idea for this hairstyle after rehearsing for a music show!

We sang ‘Hot Sauce’ for pre-recording and ‘Dive Into You’ for camera rehearsal. When I came down from the stage, I realized my hair perm got changed like this because of the mic. So because of that, I suggested to [the hair designer] like, ‘Maybe we can lift hair like this and it might look cute, what do you say?’ He’s like, ‘Let’s do it.’

— Haechan

He even appeared with one long antenna-like curl in the music video for “Hello Future.”

During a video call event with a fan, Haechan confirmed that he came up with the idea to have the antenna!

Since then, the idol has appeared with the horns in his hair numerous times.

He’s even shown up to radio shows with the horn-style still in his hair!

Renjun, Chenle, Mark, Jaemin, Jeno, Jisung, and Haechan with Kim Eana. | @starnight959/Instagram

Even the other members have sported their own antennae on stage!

From left to right: Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Jaemin, Haechan, Jisung, Chenle. | @kpop_sbs/Twitter

During a video call event, Jaemin confirmed that Haechan inspired the antenna hairstyle for the “Agent” version of Hello Future. Since their concept for that version was “aliens,” the hairstyle fit right in!

NCT DREAM in their “Agent” concept outfits.

The members themselves found the hairstyle super cute!

Haechan recently said he would like to perm his hair again, though he would have to grow his hair out more. Fans are hoping to see more of his iconic hairstyle in the future!