NCT’s Haechan Evolved Into The World’s Greatest Actor When He Realized He Got Played

Taeil can’t bring him down.

In NCT 127 BKLYN BOYS #1 on NCT‘s official YouTube channel, Haechan and Taeil were spotted sitting next to each other in a restaurant where the members went to grab some bites.


Taeil immediately toggled on his vlogger mode…


… while Haechan simply wanted a piece of Taeil’s steak and eggs.

Share with your dongsaeng!

— Haechan


Taeil noticed Haechan begging for a bite of the food and decided to tease him…

Let me dip the steak in the egg yolk here…

— Taeil


… but Haechan wasn’t going to let Taeil have his fun. He put his best acting skills to work and pretended to be enlightened by the non-existent piece of steak!

Mm. Delicious.

— Haechan


In fact, Haechan’s vigorous chewing looked so real – no one would’ve believed he didn’t have anything in his mouth!


Of course, when Taeil did share the goods eventually, Haechan seemed thoroughly satisfied with the flavor!

Oh wow, it’s so good!

— Haechan


Viewers would agree; Haechan showed some wild mukbang potential there!

Watch the full clip here: