NCT’s Haechan Reaction To Ong Seongwoo Proves Idols Are Just As Starstruck As The Rest Of Us

He is all of us!

For the past 8 months, Wanna One‘s Ong Seongwoo has dazzled us all with his MC skills on Music Core. A few days ago, however, Seongwoo officially stepped down from his role with one final brilliant farewell.


While we will all miss the certain cheerfulness he brought to the show, one member of NCT seemed particularly shaken by Seongwoo when he was given the honor of presenting the flowers to the MC!


At the end of the program, Haechan made a move to hand the bouquet to Seongwoo.


Perhaps because he was already a bit nervous about the moment and because the crowd was cheering so loud, Haechan tried to quickly pass the flowers on but almost got a face full of fellow NCT member Mark‘s arm!


Once he safely cleared the danger of Mark’s arm, Haechan was able to successfully hand over the flowers. Shortly after that though, everyone noticed how shy and flustered Haechan looked!


It probably also didn’t help that his fellow members were playfully teasing him for his adorable handoff and reaction!


But it just goes to show you that even idols can get flustered around other idols!


Watch a clip of the moment below and experience the full awkward adorableness of the whole thing!