Here’s Why NCT’s Haechan Should Be The Next Member To Make An Acting Debut

With his skills, he could be the next after Jaehyun, Doyoung, and Xiaojun.

2021 has been NCT‘s year for breaking into the acting scene. NCT 127‘s Jaehyun made his debut in Dear.M; Doyoung debuted in Midnight Café; WayV‘s Xiaojun debuted in Hello, My Youth.

They aren’t the only members talented enough to take on the drama world. Here’s proof that Haechan should be the next.

Mark and Haechan.

Whenever Haechan takes on being an MC, he always knocks it out of the park with his high energy and humor. That’s just a taste of how good an actor Haechan can be, quickly adapting to all situations.


When a few of the NCT members played the roles of coffee company employees, their fake manager tested how well they could act out memes. One was a bit harder than the others.

Jeno did his best to copy the crying bunny as it fell over into a puddle of its own tears. After he immediately failed, Haechan came to save the day by volunteering to try it.

As soon as Haechan got into position with his teary eyes, the manager instantly said, “Pass.” Haechan let the tears flow as he fell to the ground, perfectly copying the meme.

Everyone, from the manager to his fellow members, was shook by Haechan’s acting skills. They were so amazed that they asked him how he was able to do it.

Afterward, Haechan went from pretending to be sad while he wiped his tears to flexing his charisma with a lip bite.

If Haechan can show that many sides of himself in less than a few minutes and in a comedic setting, he would dominate a real acting role.

Until then, the dream many NCTzens share of seeing him in a detective role—or any role—will live on.

He just may surprise everyone, as Doyoung and Xiaojun did. See Haechan give everyone a taste of the actor he could be.