NCT’s Haechan Refuses To Suggest Netflix Anymore To NCTzens After What Trended On Naver

Johnny swooped in to comfort him about it though.

NCT‘s Johnny mentioned a show he was currently watching on Netflix to NCTzens during one of their live broadcasts.


Realizing where Johnny’s statement was leading to, Haechan refused to share what he was watching: “To our fans, I won’t recommend Netflix.” Surprised, Johnny asked why.

Previously at a fan signing event, Haechan said he’d enjoyed the Netflix movie The Kissing Booth and suggested fans should watch it. He hadn’t been prepared for NCTzens reactions to it afterward though.

On Naver, the most searched words for that day were that The Kissing Booth was boring. Johnny couldn’t hold back his laughter at hearing how it had panned out for Haechan.

To make the maknae feel better, Johnny tried to explain that his taste was unique and announced it to their fans, “Everyone, special.”

Haechan isn’t alone in his like for the movie. It did so well that there’s a sequel in the works.

Listen to Haechan’s explanation and watch Johnny’s reaction to it at 23:26.