NCT Haechan Revealed Jeno’s Nickname And He Was Not Happy About It

Jeno opens up about what he feels.

NCT‘s Jeno is once again being teased for his “no jam” (aka “no fun” character.

On MBC FM4U, Haechan revealed that that Jeno’s nickname is “laughter vacuum cleaner”, since he can suck the mood out by saying one bad joke.

Jeno admits that he doesn’t think he’s funny either, but still feels wronged when people say he is “no jam.”

I don’t think I’m funny either. But sometimes I feel wronged when I’m not even trying to be funny but people still say I’m “no jam”.

Don’t worry Jeno, NCTzens think you can be funny! Check out NCT’s comeback, “BOOM”, here!

Source: Naver