NCT’s Haechan Reveals How Health Issues Affected His Participation In Recent Schedules

Taeil and the rest of the members were worried about him.

During a recent live broadcast, a few members of NCT 127 gathered to check in with fans, sharing updates on what they’ve been doing and how they’ve been feeling.


In the process, Haechan revealed why he couldn’t participate in the schedules that were planned earlier this month in January, like missing out on the Fukuoka dates of their Japan tour Neo City: Japan – The Origin. On top of promoting with two units and dealing with health issues, he had a lot on his plate.

As time went on, Haechan noticed he was becoming sick, little by little. It reached the point where everything had piled on top of each other to create a worse health issue. That’s why he couldn’t participate in some of the group’s schedules and instead focused on recovering his health. Since Haechan rarely gets sick, he even worried his members.

In particular, it was the first time Johnny had ever seen their maknae get sick. It wasn’t just one issue, either. That’s when Doyoung chimed in and mentioned how Haechan hadn’t only been sick with the flu. He’d also been experiencing muscle pain as well, which would take a bit longer to soothe.

To respond to Johhny’s comment, Haechan made it known that anyone can get sick, even those who are more resilient to it, because everyone is only human. Fortunately, Haechan explained that he was able to overcome all his health issues quickly and is currently healthy.

Everyone should follow after Haechan by taking the time to recover from health issues. In the long run, it’s better to take measures when you first notice the signs. Listen to Haechan and the rest of them discuss it, starting from 7:38.