NCT’s Haechan Speaks Up About The Beauty Of His Darker Skin

He loves his tan skin just as much as NCTzens do.

In the K-Pop world, it’s never hard to find an idol whose face looks much paler than the rest of their body. While it’s common for face makeup to be lighter, there are idols who look even more out of place with the makeup because of their darker skin.

One of those idols is NCT‘s Haechan. Despite darker skin having its own challenges in Korean society, he spoke up about its beauty during a past radio appearance.

When told that fans adore his healthy, tan skin, Haechan was happy to hear the compliment. After keeping back a chuckle, he smiled as he said, “Thank you.” He then admitted that it sets him apart but wasn’t necessarily negative.

Since Haechan already has tan skin, he becomes even darker when he tans, especially compared to the rest of the members in NCT Dream. Because of this, he viewed it positively: “I have a darker skin tone, but I think of it as a unique point.”

While it could be a source of insecurity for others, Haechan has overcome that way of thinking, along with idols like SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu. Fully accepting its beauty, he announced, “I’m very confident about it.”

The host of the radio show even complimented Haechan on his tan skin. He reacted the same way he did when finding out fans loved it. He thanked her and smiled brightly.

Even though fairer skin is idolized, Haechan proves that tan skin is just as beautiful—if not more. After all, there’s more than one standard for beauty.

No wonder he’s more than confident about his skin and has adopted it as one of his charming points. Fans love to see it.