NCT’s Haechan And Sungchan Are Getting All The Love From Their Silly Stage Mishap

These two together can’t help but be funny.

With only a one-year age difference between them, NCT U‘s Haechan and Sungchan have already become fast friends. From their sweet moments like holding hands, they’ve instantly become an NCT friendship that fans love to see.

Thanks to them turning a stage mishap into a funny moment, NCTzens are loving Sungchan and Haechan together even more.

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Close to the beginning of their “90’s Love” stage, all the members knocked out their playful parts of the choreography. Winwin and Yangyang shook hands; Mark and Ten danced together; Mark and Winwin slapped hands.

After Haechan gave Ten a hand slap, Sungchan came sweeping right in for their fist bump. That wasn’t what Haechan had planned, spinning away from him.

Sporting a major smile, Sungchan couldn’t keep a straight face from Haechan’s antics. Even though he’s not too experienced on stage, Sungchan smoothly moved onto the next part of the choreography.

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Haechan couldn’t keep a straight face either, smiling just as bright as Sungchan from the funny prank he’d quickly come up with.

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Whether they’re playing around or sharing sweet moments, NCTzens are definitely looking forward to how close they’ll become.

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Check out the silly stage mishap that has everyone loving them even more.