NCT’s Haechan Wanted To Eat So Bad, He Forgot The Most Important Part

The rest of NCT: No one tell him.

In NCT‘s latest season of NCT Life, the members of NCT 127 took a break from their game of hunting each other down to have a little snack.


Haechan was fully ready to refuel, sitting with his legs crossed and food placed in front of him. Before he could indulge himself, he encountered a funny problem that showed just how much of a child he still is.

Ready to grub on his food, he dipped his skewer into his sauce of choice and brought it up to his mouth. That’s when he realized he’d forgotten something significant before he could eat comfortably.

Since they had been playing a game beforehand, he still had the helmet from it on his head. He’d worn it so long that he no longer felt its weight, and the clear front helped him forget it was there. In his hilarious attempt to eat, he’d even gotten sauce on the front of it.

Once it registered what the problem was, Haechan slightly lifted up the helmet so he could reach his mouth. As he held it out of the way, he finally got to nom on his skewer.

Sometimes, people are so blinded by hunger that it’s easy to forget about everything else. That’s what Haechan was experiencing. See him struggle to get food into his mouth for the funniest reason.