NCT’s Haechan Wanted To Watch Jaehyun Shower, So Jaehyun Had The Perfect Response

Jaehyun showed just how smooth he is.

The members of NCT 127 each created their own schedules for how they spend 24 hours. Haechan was curious which part of Jaehyun‘s schedule he would want to show fans for filming.


Jaehyun spun the question to instead ask Haechan what he’d like to see him do from the schedule.

Haechan’s first choice wasn’t nearly as startling as his second. He said he’d like to watch him sleep. Jaehyun wanted to avoid being filmed while sleeping and told Haechan to chose another task.

Out of nowhere, Haechan said, “I’d also like to watch how you take a shower.” Since it was something that could never be filmed, Jaehyun jokingly went along with the suggestion, saying, “That’ll be great.”

To take the joke further and tease fans, Jaehyun came up with the smoothest way to back out if it: “Do you think you can handle it?” Speaking up for NCTzens, Haechan said that they couldn’t.

Listen to Jaehyun and Haechan have way too much fun with the suggestion here.