NCT’s Haechan Wishes He Could Get Rid Of Their “Fire Truck” Album Forever, Here’s Why

A lot has changed in four years.

NCT 127 debuted with the title track “Fire Truck” from their first mini-album NCT #127 back in 2016. At the time, Haechan was only sixteen years old, seventeen in Korean age.


While discussing how recording went for NCT U’s upcoming single “Coming Home”, Haechan looked back on their first album and shared his honest thoughts about it.

He revealed that he didn’t want to remember it as part of his life. If he could delete it, he wouldn’t hesitate to. It wasn’t because of the music or the lyrics. In fact, it wasn’t really about the album at all.

I want to delete the “Fire Truck” album [from] my life.

Doyoung asked if it had been because of his singing. Haechan agreed, saying it was because of the recordings. He hadn’t liked any of them.

I didn’t like the recordings I did last time.

Looking back on it four years later, especially after becoming an adult, Haechan didn’t think he sang well.

The singing… I didn’t do well at all.

From the experience he’s gained, he can tell that it sounds like a “child” had sung it. Considering he was young when he recorded the album, that’s not necessarily a negative thing.

From the singing, it feels kind of childish. Kind of… sounds like a child singing.

There’s no need for Haechan to be so hard on his younger self. Their debut album was iconic, especially with his unique vocals. Watch him discuss it here and check out the “Fire Truck” video for yourself.