NCT Haechan, Yangyang, And Jisung Reveal The Best And Hardest Parts Of Being Maknaes

Yangyang had Haechan and Jisung wishing they were part of WayV.

Thanks to all the NCT groups promoting as one for NCT 2020, NCT 127‘s Haechan and Taeil have started a new segment titled Welcome To Sun&Moon. In the very first episode, they gathered the youngest members of every unit for an interview.

With Haechan being the youngest of NCT 127, Jisung of NCT Dream, and Yangyang of WayV, each of them revealed the best and toughest parts of being maknaes.

They started with the positives. Jisung liked the titled rather than a specific perk of the position, “I like being just…named that? I like being called [that] in itself. That I’m the ‘youngest.’

Haechan and even Taeil agreed there was a nice ring to the name.

Haechan shared that laidback way of thinking. At least, in a different way.

He enjoyed not having to lift a finger, “Actually, even if I don’t do anything, all the others will do it for me. So, it feels very comfortable being the youngest.

Unlike the rest, Yangyang had a specific perk as the youngest, “I love food a lot. So, I can decide what to eat.

As soon as they heard that, Jisung was ready to have words with his fellow members and Haechan prepared to throw hands for not receiving such an amazing perk.

They then focused on the parts of being a maknae that could be the toughest. Since Yangyang shared the ultimate positive, he was the first to share.

It turned out that he didn’t have anything that weighed on him, “Honestly, I have none… I’m not that much younger. So, there’s nothing hard about being youngest.” With only a year difference between him and the next three youngest members, they understood each other.

Though Jisung pretended as if he was preparing to share a laundry list of complaints, despite Haechan’s playful warning, he shared Yangyang’s view on his older members. “The Dream guys feel like we are the same age. They treat me like we are the same age.

Since Jisung had treated his members with that playful vibe, it rubbed off on them to treat him the same. That’s why he didn’t have any complaints about being the youngest, “Nothing. Nothing.

Like Yangyang and Jisung, Haechan revealed that age didn’t matter much when it came to NCT 127.

Yet, Haechan hilariously admitted he had enough hard times just being himself. “There are times I feel tired for being Haechan. But, I don’t have a hard time for being the youngest.

Who would’ve thought all the maknaes of NCT would be able to finally bond over their shared experiences? See all three of them, and Taeil, laugh about how good it is to be the youngest.