NCT Has An Amazing “Hidden Member” And The Members Completely Love Her

She has both the members’ and the fans’ hearts.

NCT has a total of 18 members, each talented and beloved by fans. But both the members and fans well know that the hidden 19th member is everyone’s favorite! So who is this “hidden member” that NCT boys so clearly love?


It’s the housekeeping “auntie” that NCT has at the dorm! The boys call her “이모님 (emo-nim, Ms. Auntie)” out of pure affection and respect. NCT has, over the past years of live broadcasts and interviews, mentioned the auntie and her amazing skills around the dorm that keep the boys together. By now, everyone knows this “auntie” is undoubtedly a part of NCT – and most definitely the boys’ favorite member at that. Note how Taeyong answered the questionnaire about the “healthiest member”.

(1) Who has the healthiest life style at the dorm? “Our dearly beloved dorm (auntie) ^_^”


When NCT’s sub unit NCT127 won #1 on music charts with the track “Regular”, the members gathered on a live broadcast to thank the fans and everyone else celebrating. Johnny naturally brought up the auntie, explaining how she always encourages the members to “go for the win” when they leave the dorm. Jaehyun got excited to share the news of their win with the auntie! As soon as Jaehyun gave her a shout out, all the members immediately showed all kinds of love and excitement on camera for her to see.


NCT members are in love with auntie’s awesome cooking skills too. When she made “삼계탕 (samgyetang, Korean style chicken soup)” for the members, a menu known for its rejuvenating and revitalizing ingredients, NCT boys enjoyed it so much that they couldn’t stop talking about it! When Yuta stated he always looks forward to going back to the dorm because he knows good hearty food is waiting for him, all the other members agreed. Mark claimed he couldn’t stop thinking about the chicken soup for days. And to thank the auntie for her hard work in the kitchen and around the dorm, NCT members are constantly displaying their love by saying, “We love you auntie” all the time!


In return, NCT’s 19th member “auntie” loves her NCT boys so dearly too. Every morning, she makes sure the members are out of bed in time and fed well – like an actual mother to her sons. Lucas shared how he always asks the auntie for breakfast – in his best “aegyo” voice. It seems like, for NCT boys, having the auntie around makes them feel well supported and stable. So even when the boys are so far from their actual homes, they are never too alone.


The auntie’s love for the NCT members really show when it comes time for their birthdays. The members shared that the auntie prepares “미역국 (miyeok-guk, seaweed soup)” which is a traditional menu to go on the table on anyone’s birthday. Jaehyun explained, on a live broadcast, that in his conversation with the auntie, he learned that she finds out the members’ birthdays by seeing the birthday celebration ads in the subway stations.

“She really does an amazing job at keeping track and cooking us the seaweed soup.”


Even if it’s not the typical seaweed soup, the auntie cooks up a feast to make sure each of the NCT members feel special on their birthdays. For Jaehyun’s birthday, she grilled pork belly for breakfast and treated him to a king’s breakfast!


And to see the boys be so well taken care of, NCTzens can’t help but fall in love with the 19th member, Auntie, as well! Both the members and the fans truly appreciate this hidden member of NCT, who is solely dedicated to keeping the group comfortable!

Source: Dmitory